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World's best Basmati Rice

We produce rice in our own farms and sell it all over the world. Our rice is one of the best quality basmati rice. It has long grain, fluffy texture & rich aroma. It is also the World’s first choice.


Best Products annaul production of rice is close to 30000 MT (metric ton). We can fill any big or smaill demand of any big orginazations or department stores

Best Products is the specialized Rice Millers, makers and manufacturers, traders of long grain super kernel, super basmati, short grain, 385, 1121 extra long grain and D-98 varieties, having modern and sophisticated rice mill as per European & American standards, having capacity to mill rice in significant quantities and process order fast. Our rice factory has the intended fabrication including grading, color sorting, de-stoning, polishing (silky polish, double, single or regular polish), grain length sorting and uniformity and blending. Blends and recipe of milling are managed keeping in view the cooking result as required by the client based on quality preference and price affordability.


Pakistani Basmati Rice

Basmati is one of the oldest cultivated crops and is a staple food forming key portion of the diet for many of the world's population, especially living in the United States, Canada, Middle East, Southern and Eastern Asia.

From the foothills of Himalayas and fed by the enriched mineral snow-fed water, the slender long grain of Basmati rice is well known for getting double its size after cooking. It's exotic aroma, delicious nutty flavor and best nutritious value makes it the ultimate choice of rice lovers' across all continents. The name basmati originated from a Sanskrit word "BAS" meaning smell and ‘Mati’ meaning ‘Queen'.

Best Products manages a strong network of supply chain from origin, belt of Punjab known for quality basmati grains. The acquired product undergoes vigilant quality control checks prior to reaching our warehouse and milling facility. We select and match the grains with the specific originating land specifics, verifying the edges, grain length, aroma, color, moisture content and also the cooking of samples drawn randomly from each lot that comes in. After undergoing milling, processing and polishing, the finest quality basmati is achieved which is then packed as per clients requirements and/or in our brand packaging.

Rice Varieties


Super Kernel Basmati Rice

Super Kernel Basmati Rice the term ‘Super Kernel’ is the premium quality basmati rice variety from Punjab. It carries strong aroma being grown in the snow-fed Himalayan fields and mountains. SKB is old crop also termed as ‘Punjab Super’. The grains are extra long in length and become double its size after cooking. The nutty flavor is liked all over the world by quality lovers having the preference for great taste and grand flavor. Our Brand ZOQ is 100% pure and premium quality, silky polish and aged to perfection is the top notch Super Kernel Basmati Rice.

1121 Extra Long Grain Rice

1121 Extra Long Grain Rice as the name suggests 1121 extra long grain rice is very long grain length ranging between AGL 7.8mm to 8.4mm. It carries exceptional taste, extra long slender edgy shaped grains while upon cooking the grains become even longer for a delicious and special occasion treat to guests and family.


PK 385 Basmati Rice

PK 385 Basmati Rice originates from selected regions of the province of Punjab for many decades, having naturally high aroma, good taste & cooking and very reasonable price as compared to the top notch basmati grades. Our offered 385 basmati is old crop that guarantees superior cooking and excellent taste. Our brands are famous in Oceania and Middle East for fast movements and sales in hypermarkets, supermarkets, retail stores and also liked by cuisines, restaurants and catering companies.


Super Basmati Rice

Super Basmati Rice is the second tier basmati from selected regions of Punjab and Sindh province. This recipe of Super calls for a blend that entails affordable pricing with quick movements in Wholesale and Supermarket stores. Our Brand Superior Basmati Rice carries natural aroma and delicate nutty flavor that is peculiar to this variety and is cooked easily and grains become separate upon cooking.


Short Grain Basmati Rice

Short Grain Basmati Rice has an average grain length of 6.35 mm which are pulled out of Super kernel Basmati. These short grains are extra well milled and carry the same specifications of super kernel including strong aroma, slender kernels, silky and double polish, 100% sorted, aged to perfection, moisture level less than 11% and are non-sticky grains upon cooking to suit any special occasion's cooking. The best buy is the price affordability factor of this short grain rice being less expensive having all the qualities of super kernel basmati.


D-98 Basmati Rice

D-98 Basmati Rice belongs to the soils of Sindh province of Pakistan also called ‘Sindhi Basmati’. D-98 is the variety that has recently been replaced by PK 385 for better cooking result.


Non-Basmati Long Grain White Rice

Non-Basmati Long Grain White Rice the varieties of white long grain rice IRRI-9, IRRI-6, KS-82 or KS 282 rice fall within the category of non-basmati rice which is rather affordable by people including labor camps, road side restaurants and for cuisines such as Chinese and Thai food. The other reason for liking this rice is its medium grain length that is good for making Chinese food, Thai food or Japanese dishes.


IRRI 9 Long Grain White Rice

This is the top tier amongst non-basmati long grain white rice varieties. It has good grain length and color while does not carry fragrance. Many people prefer the muggy touch this rice has to offer.


IRRI 6 Long Grain White Rice

IRRI 6 Long Grain White Rice is the non-basmati variety that does not carry aroma while this type is in high demand at all times due to its affordable pricing, usage and quick bulk shipments mostly to Middle East and African regions.


KS 82 Long Grain White Rice

KS 82 Long Grain White Rice is the non-basmati Sindh rice variety also termed as DR 282 or KS-82 or 282 slightly superior to Irri-6 rice in terms of quality and cooking.


100% Broken White Rice

100% Broken White Rice from Pakistan specifies the breakage percentage as 100% and can be from the basmati or non-basmati. This white rice is usually liked by third world countries due to reasonable pricing. Further polished rice with slight discolored grains or damaged grains is also offered for animal feed, bird food, dog feed grade and feed milling operations in most countries. 100% fit for human consumption superior quality is demanded in European nations to be used in baby cereals, for food service, beer making grade, chemical making grade like hexane-hexol or fructose etc. Other terms used for this type are grits and hominy.


Parboiled Rice

Parboiled Rice is the variety that undergoes a hydrothermal steaming process to partially boil the un-husked rice. Parboiled rice is the elite rice variety that is liked by consumers and chefs who love to have the best quality, separately cooked grains and extra fluffy rice. Types are super sella, par boiled long grain irri-6 yellow golden. This variety is very popular is European regions and the Middle East continent.


Brown Rice

Brown Rice is light brown in color and rich in its bran contents. Brown rice is a healthy source of food, particularly for the weight conscious people since it contains less starch.


Common Names:

Different terms are used in the world as basumati, basmathi or basmati. It is also called perfume rice in certain local languages. Parboiled is called ‘Sella’ yellow or golden in color.


Rice Processing

The process begins as soon as rice arrives from the fields. Foremost, whole or paddy is dehusked by a rubber roll sheller to produce brown rice. The outer tough protective coating is removed having no effect on the nutritional composition of the grain within the husk.

The resultant brown rice can be further milled to produce white rice. Milling of brown rice involves removal of the outer bran layers of the grain which are darker in color and are rich in nutrients such as B vitamins.

Rice Processing
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Animated Rice Milling Chart 

The procured rice from the fields is either parboiled through the hydrothermal procedure or processed in the milling facility as shown in the chart above. The specifications of rice vary from the type of polishing such as double-polish, silky polish or regular polish that gives rice grains a cleaner, brighter and shiny look. The average grain length (AGL) is also specified before rice being milled. Processing also entails the broken percentage which may be 1%, 2%, 5%, 10%, 25%, 100% broken or as desired by the buyer.


Nutritional benefits and Significance

The nutrition information pertaining to rice primarily specifies an easy to digest food. It is low in fat, low in cholesterol, high in starch, having high nutritional content and an excellent source of energy. It comprises good percentage of carbohydrate which is one of the human body's two main sources of energy.

Rice also contains a range of important nutrients, including B and E vitamins, protein and minerals especially potassium which helps the body reduce toxins.

Moreover, rice is fundamentally important to various cultures particularly main course dish for Middle East and Asian population. Children are also served with rice as their first solid food. Hence it is an important element of food that is a significant food item in sustaining both the world's appetites and cultural traditions in history and also in the present day.


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